Apple fans unhappy with Apple Music

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It’s tough to argue that Apple is one of the most loved brands on the planet. Sure, there are plenty of haters out there (mostly Android users), but Apple customers are loyal. Then came the launch of Apple Music.

Since its rollout on July 1, Apple has taken on a storm of criticism including disappointment with bugs, crashing, poor user experience and deleted songs. With all new technology comes the early adoption period.

Apple brand loyalists have always jumped for joy to be included in the early release of new Apple technology including the Apple Watch release earlier this year. They camp outside of Apple stores for iPhone launches. They take the bugs and kinks in stride, believing in the final product planned and mapped out by Apple. They have defended criticism from other customers and praised Apple products. That give and take seems to have changed with Apple Music.

For the first time in memory, Apple loyalists are speaking out negatively. According to a recent article published by Business Insider, Apple fans just don’t like Apple Music.

This will be a tough fight for Apple. The music market is big and if anyone could have made a big splash it was Apple, but after a disastrous launch riddled with negativity and problems, it will be hard to right the ship.

Spotify already has a strong grasp in the mobile music arena among Gen Z and Millennials. Apple’s attempt to replicate and improve on Spotify’s success is still a work in progress. There are still a few weeks left in Apple Music’s free 90-day trial period to remedy the painful launch, but will it be enough to transition free loaders into paid subscribers?

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