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Online Reviews & Offline Purchases

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Online reviews have been known for some time to shape online purchase decisions, but new data suggests a large influence on offline purchases as well. Marketing Land wrote on a BazaarVoice report that shows that 39% of in-store buyers look at online reviews on their mobile device before purchasing. This was previously credited to…

Tall Opportunities for Short Form Creators

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Big news for digital content creators: The Television Academy is adding a short-form category to the Primetime Emmy Awards! The category will award Outstanding Short Form Series’ in Comedy/Drama, Variety, and Reality/Non-Fiction genres, as well as Outstanding Actor & Actress in a Short Form Series. To be eligible, the series…

The #GirlsWhoCode Movement & What It Can Show Us About Success Metrics

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Marketing Land columnist Chris Kerns recently took a dive into the Twitter numbers of the #GirlsWhoCode movement, which aims to shrink the gender gap in technology focused industries. What he found can teach marketers a very valuable lesson: the easiest and most obvious metric isn’t always the best predictor of success….

How to Make it Work on Snapchat

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Brands looking to use Snapchat as an advertising platform need more than a hefty budget: the platform and its users are unlike that of any other form of social media. Digiday recently highlighted a few UK brands who are doing it right. Domino’s posted a short video for 24 hours (as you…

The Mommy/Marketer Gap

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Over 70% of females in the world aged 15+ (about 2 billion women) are Moms. A recent Saatchi & Saatchi study found that more than 50% of these Moms (1 billion women) feel that “marketers don’t understand them, and are talking to their Moms.” Ethnographic research showed big differences in how Moms feel…

AdWeek’s Project ISAAC Award Winners 2015

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AdWeek released the 2015 Project ISAAC winners over the weekend. The competition, which was launched in 2013, celebrates invention media, advertising, marketing, and technology sectors. Some of the highlights include: “Silent Window” for Axe: A “silent” concert on a busy street in Istanbul to promote Axe Black. Any passersby on the…

Insights: How is mobile technology being used by consumers?

The growth spurt in mobile technology has revolutionized (and disrupted) numerous industries over the last 10 years, namely Marketing and Advertising. Companies all over the globe have been shifting their dollar allocation from traditional spaces to mobile, hoping to “cut through the clutter” and stay relevant with their target market. One thing…