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Millennials’ Media Consumption

Millennials have spoken: 67% of them say they can’t live without YouTube. To older generations this may seem extreme, but see below for a breakdown of why and in what situation they choose to watch videos.   Read the full article here


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In honor of International Women’s Day, Microsoft has launched a campaign to encourage young girls to enter into the world of science and technology. The commercial focuses on young girls naming famous inventors. They are then asked to name famous female inventors. The girls then realize, they don’t know of any….

Be Together, Not the Same

Sunday’s Oscars saw a Super Bowl like onslaught of advertising. Most notably, Samsung took the opportunity to advertise their new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with three celebrity packed commercials. Kohl’s also had quite the night with 4 funny spots. Perhaps though, the biggest winner of the night was Droga5’s Android commercial…

The #GirlsWhoCode Movement & What It Can Show Us About Success Metrics

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Marketing Land columnist Chris Kerns recently took a dive into the Twitter numbers of the #GirlsWhoCode movement, which aims to shrink the gender gap in technology focused industries. What he found can teach marketers a very valuable lesson: the easiest and most obvious metric isn’t always the best predictor of success….

Live Tweeting the GRAMMYs

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At this point, most of us are used to the concept of “live tweeting” an event. Last night’s GRAMMYs were no exception. Brands jumped on the opportunity to get involved in the show. It’s a way for brands to insert themselves into live events in a relevant way. Take for example, fashion brands…

Vote Peeps!

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Peeps. An Easter staple. Or it was… Recently, yearly sales growth has been in low single digits. Just Born Quality Confections, the brand behind Peeps, has decided to focus on a new target audience, Millennial Moms. With a new digital campaign focusing on funny YouTube videos to engage young moms, they hope…

Don’t Call Me a Millennial

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Millennials. Sure, we understand the label, but don’t call us one to our face. Social content platform Odyssey did a study regarding Millennials and the way brands are choosing to advertise to them. The biggest issue Millennials have with this new form of advertising; being called a Millennial. According to the study,…

No Time For Waiting

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Banking is as much a necessity as it is tedious. Millennials have come to expect efficiency in every aspect of their life. Why should banking and money management be any different? The argument can be made that as soon as brands come to realize this, the more success they will see with…

Who is Larry Culpepper?

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This week kicked off with the College Football Playoff (CFB) Championship Game in Glendale, Arizona. Dr Pepper was the primary sponsor for the game and maintained a presence throughout the college football season. Their campaign for the CFB Playoff has been wildly successful and has captured the attention of millennials. Backtrack…

Insights: How is mobile technology being used by consumers?

The growth spurt in mobile technology has revolutionized (and disrupted) numerous industries over the last 10 years, namely Marketing and Advertising. Companies all over the globe have been shifting their dollar allocation from traditional spaces to mobile, hoping to “cut through the clutter” and stay relevant with their target market. One thing…