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Millennials’ Media Consumption

Millennials have spoken: 67% of them say they can’t live without YouTube. To older generations this may seem extreme, but see below for a breakdown of why and in what situation they choose to watch videos.   Read the full article here


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In honor of International Women’s Day, Microsoft has launched a campaign to encourage young girls to enter into the world of science and technology. The commercial focuses on young girls naming famous inventors. They are then asked to name famous female inventors. The girls then realize, they don’t know of any….

(Meal) Times are Changing

For as long as we can remember, moms have been trying to wrangle the family together for meals. It seems that technology and the service industry are making mom’s job easier. The way we eat and prepare our food is changing faster than we ever imagined. Did you know that…

Checklist of 21st Century Skills

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Teachers today are teaching our children 21st Century skills. To be successful and competitive in society our children need to be masters of these skills and they ensure that our children will thrive as “globally responsible citizens.”  Every day, parents and (and non-parents), reflect on their lives: What’s going on…

Are Millennials Killing TV?

The ‘80s song “Video Killed the Radio Star” could be re-titled today to “Internet Killed the Television Star.” The millennial generation has had their eye turned by the internet. 13-24 year-olds are watching 11.3 hours of free online video per week from sites like YouTube The same age group is…

Kids these days …

Do today’s kids know how good they have it and what cool new ideas are on tap for them? Probably not, but they will soon enough. Children are the largest segment of consumers with buying power of $40 billion and children under 12 influence $500 billion in purchases per year….