The #GirlsWhoCode Movement & What It Can Show Us About Success Metrics

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Marketing Land columnist Chris Kerns recently took a dive into the Twitter numbers of the #GirlsWhoCode movement, which aims to shrink the gender gap in technology focused industries. What he found can teach marketers a very valuable lesson: the easiest and most obvious metric isn’t always the best predictor of success. See below for a summarized walk through his process.

He first looked at the easiest & most basic Twitter metric – mentions. Based on this graph, it looks like things aren’t going so well for the movement.






“I can hear the panic from here: We’re becoming less relevant! Do a big ad buy! Everybody freak out!”

Total mentions are great at illustrating the buzz around a movement, but to really get an idea of impact, you need to look to individuals – The next graph shows unique users who are talking about #GirlsWhoCode.


Finally, segmenting the unique users by gender becomes most revealing way to analyze the success of the #GirlsWhoCode movement. Though the total mentions have decreased each month, the number of women talking about the movement has steadily increased each month!



Chris advises to “always look beyond the simple solution” when it comes to measuring success.

“The key to a good measurement process is focusing on the number that will drive your business — not the easy numbers to get, but the right numbers. Sometimes a quieter story can speak volumes about bottom-line results.”

Check out Chris’ full write up here.

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