Consumer Product Safety Commission

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Consumer Product Safety Commission Built an advocacy network for community safety messages through a recruitment campaign.

The Story: Kaleidoscope was commissioned to bring 2,250 new members to the NSN – growing membership from 2,750 to 5000. We created and implemented a plan that would build enrollment in the Neighborhood Safety Network (NSN), the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) database of leaders who are responsible for spreading important safety messages within their community.

The Happy Ending: We made over 6,300 calls to directors and leaders at daycare/preschool locations and other community groups with messaging that compelled them to join the network. To further the efforts, we designed and strategically sent 50,000 mailers, with postage-paid return envelopes, to encourage key school personnel to sign up. Our team also tapped proprietary education and faith-based partners to execute direct e-blasts, features in e-newsletters and other web-based outreach. The outcome of this three-pronged campaign far exceeded expectations. We surpassed our goal by 102% and recruited 4,550 new community safety advocates to the NSN, increasing their membership count to 7,300 in just 6 months.

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