Resse’s Puffs

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Reese’s Puffs Helper off campus college sampling program and digital media campaign.

The Story: Pr During back-to-school move-in, Kaleidoscope helped Reese’s Puffs distribute cereal samples to college students. KYFM leveraged its strong network of off campus college apartment to administer cereal samples to college students nationwide. Samples were placed in high-traffic communal areas for an easy, on-the-go snack for residents to enjoy and try.

The Happy Ending: Kaleidoscope helped Reese’s Puffs sample to more than 35,000 college students during the fall of 2015. After receiving the sample, 78% of students said they would “Definitely” or “probably” purchase Reese’s Puffs cereal. Of those who had not heard of Reese’s Puffs before the campaign, 86% indicated strong purchase intent (definitely or probably) and 57% indicated their impression was better than expected.

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