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CDC/VERB Wellness & physical activity program to increase hours of active play among millions of kids.

The Story: Our mission was to bring the CDC’s “VERB: It’s What You Do” wellness program to kids nationwide and drive a measurable increase in physical activity. We launched a brand new school and community program that allowed kids to become actively involved and pass on the play to friends. In addition, we provided lessons and activities that could be used after the promotion to sustain the VERB movement.

The Happy Ending: Our team developed a unique creative platform each year of the 5-year campaign and provided a fresh take on how to play the VERB way. This included printed teacher materials, parent content, and custom VERB-branded sports equipment. We also facilitated VERB Live Events at select schools, camps and community groups. This game-changing program resulted in 12 million hours of incremental physical activity, directly impacting over 8 million students. From 2003 to 2006, more than 200 VERB Grant Winners won $150,000+ to support after-school activities, exercise equipment and PE programs.

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