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Wendy’s “Kids’ Meal Mission” – Toy sampling to families.

The Story: When Wendy’s launched its new “Kids’ Meal Mission” to promote and enable creative play for kids everywhere, Kaleidoscope, along with Ketchum, helped spread awareness among families. KYFM used its preschool network to distribute samples of the new toys being offered in Wendy’s Kids’ Meals to parents at drop off and pick up times. Wendy’s branded toys included sidewalk chalk, tag, capture the flag and kick the can.

The Happy Ending: Kaleidoscope helped Wendy’s reach more than 100,000 families in the fall of 2015. Through program research, Wendy’s learned that 64% of families look at “healthy food options” as the top factor in choosing a “Kids’ Meal” option for their family. Of the families surveyed after the campaign, 68% of parents responded that they intended to visit a Wendy’s within the next 30 days and 40% noted that they thought better of Wendy’s after the promotion, indicating parents positive response to Wendy’s fresh, innovative toy positioning.  An even higher percentage, 72%, said that they would recommend Wendy’s new kid meal to a friend.

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